providing construction management services for over 100 years


​​Our Executive Team

The Morganti Group is led by a team of talented professionals whose construction management experience spans many years in the sectors of commercial, industrial and government building projects. True to the vision of founder John S. Morganti, the Operations executive team leads the company’s growth and success while adhering to the highest standards of workmanship with honesty, integrity and expertise.

  • Morganti Corporate Office

    Nabil Takla

    President, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operating Officer

    Michael Olenick

    Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Chief Compliance Officer

    Leon Istambouli

    Group Manager For Strategic Planning

    Farid Khouri

    Group Manager for Contracts & Procurement, P.E.

    Thamer Rushaidat

    Group Manager for Systems & Operational Controls

  • Morganti UAE Office

    Walid Salman

    Chief Operating Officer

    Dany Saliby

    Area Manager

  • Morganti International Office

    Leon Der Ohannessian

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jay Nakhleh

    Vice President

  • US Operations Southeast Office

    Stephen Sines

    Vice President of Operations

    Jon Lowke

    Director of Preconstruction

  • US Operations Southwest Office

    Joseph Kummer

    Vice President Operations

    Melody Douglas

    Vice President Finance & Administration

    Paul Kummer

    Director of Business Development

  • US Operations Northeast Office

    Ghassan Antonios

    Vice President of Operations

    Lawrence Rosati

    Project Executive