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The Morganti Group offers its clients a broad range of construction services from constructing your facility to maintaining it.  National and International Owners have repeatedly entrusted the Morganti team to build a variety of commercial, industrial, and governmental projects.

From offices in Egypt, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Italy and Greece Morganti maintains a focus on education, residential, government, aviation, transportation, roads, healthcare, corrections, power and water treatment facilities. Employing the most sophisticated construction techniques in scheduling, value engineering, estimating, cost management and on-site supervision; our clients continually benefit from the years of experience of each of our qualified staff as they directly involve themselves in the administration of all key components on each project.  These tools, combined with Morganti’s broad experience and historical job cost database, enable our company to deliver quality construction projects within schedule and budget.

Having been awarded over $10 Billion dollars in work over the past 10 years, Morganti’s progress has been the result of these energetic efforts of each and every individual on the team.

Federal Contractor for the US Government

Over the past few decades The Morganti Group has worked hand in hand with the US government as a general contractor not only within the United States but across the globe. Our teaming on various key projects has facilitated growth and stability in regions often devastated by natural and human disaster.

US Agency for Int’l Development (USAID)

  • Well Station Rehabilitation Project (SAER BS & PWA1) West Bank, Palestine $9,700,000
  • Rehabilitation of Priority Springs and Wells Amman, Jordan $4,250,000
  • Salt Water Treatment Plant Salt City, Jordan $7,500,000
  • Mansoura Water and Wastewater Facilities Mansoura, Egypt $35,000,000
  • Water and Wastewater Facilities Nuweiba, Egypt $17,000,000
  • As Samra Wastewater Plant Amman, Jordan $153,000,000
  • Restructuring and Rehabilitation of the Greater Amman Water Supply System Amman, Jordan $65,500,000
  • Expansion of Aqaba Wastewater Facilities Aqaba, Jordan $35,000,000
  • Wadi Mousa Treatment Plant Jordan $19,300,000
  • Wadi Ma’in, Zara & Mujib Water Treatment & Conveyance Wadi Ma’in, Zara & Mujib, Jordan $125,000,000
  • Rehabilitation of Priority Wells and Springs Amman, Jordan $4,250,000
  • West Bank Water Resources Ramallah, West Bank $61,000,000
  • Hebron Emergency Rehab. - Shuhada Street Area Hebron, Israel $2,000,000

US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)

  • Army Research Laboratory Aberdeen, Maryland $62,200,100
  • Ft. Mead, MD  Albert Hall Addition Brookmont, Maryland $21,800,000
  • Relocatable Building Kuwait $45,000,000
  • Millennium Village Facilities Al Udeid Airbase, Qatar $93,000,000
  • Washington Hall, West Point Academy $27,000,000
  • Arvin Gymnasium, West Point Academy $13,700,000

See more at www.morganti.ae or www.morgantipm.com